Our most recent condo crunch is now available. Recorded on May 19, 2022, the latest "crunch" discusses owners meetings: meeting mishaps and how to avoid them. 

The speakers were: 

  1. Jessica Weick: call to order, confirmation of scrutineer, confirmation of notice, and confirmation of quorum, and related key issues.
  2. Victoria Craine: common mishaps for proxies, AGM minutes, and audited financial statements
  3. Emily Deng - Elections and various voting issues that may arise.

In this epsiode, Cheryll Wood joins host David Lu in talking about the 1st and 2nd year Tarion warranties. The pair talk about what the warranties cover, some specific items of note when in the warranty process, and some overarching principles that condominium corporations should be mindful of. 

Be sure to stay tuned for the next episode in this mini-series! 

In this episode (the 1st of a 4 part series) Melinda and David discuss generally the new home warranty program in Ontario, administered by Tarion. Melinda and David delve into the topic generally and provide some overall takeaways for Ontario condominium Boards. 

Being the first episode of a four part series, the discussions touch on the topic more generally but is a primer for a more detailed discussion on specific Tarion topics that are to be discussed in upcoming episodes. So be on the look out for the 2nd episode of this series!



In this episode, Jim and David discuss a recent decision from the Superior Court of Ontario MTCC No. 1171 v Rebeiro 2022 ONSC 503. Jim and David discuss the background of the case, compliance applications (within the context of the Condominium Act) in general, and Jim delves into the past to discuss some memorable moments he has had on this topic. 



We are back with another Condo Crunch episode. This is a recording of the Condo Crunch session that occurred on February 17, 2022. 

The topic of discussion was items to consider when dealing with possible building defect claims. The discussion was divided up as follows:

  1. David discussed administrative considerations; 
  2. Victoria discussed issues related to insurance; and
  3. Christy dealt with considerations relating to limitation period issues.

As usual, Nancy was the host, keeping everyone on track. We have a bunch of content coming up this year so stay tuned! 


If you missed our Holiday Q&A that was held on December 9, don't worry here is a recording of the session. 

The topics and speakers are:

  1. Nancy - by-laws, starting at 2:36
  2. Cheryll - Rogue Owners and Directors, starting at 10:16
  3. Melinda - Smoking, starting at 19:10 
  4. Mohiminol - the CAT... and those Dogs, starting at 25:50
  5. Jessica - Access issues, condos and police, starting at 37:13
  6. David - Budget and Surpluses, starting at 44:32
  7. Emily - Status Certificates, starting at 51:05

There's some other goodies and trinkets within the episode, including info on a potential announcement embedded within the episode. But you will just have to listen to the recording to hear more. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at DHA. 


We're back with Part II of our two part condo crunch series on construction related issues. Recorded on October 29, 2021, the topics discussed were:

  1. Timeframe for prompt payment - David Lu, starting at 2:15 
  2. Key issues relating to the adjudication process built into the prompt payment regime - Christy Allen, starting at 11:00. 
  3. What if the owner doesn't want to make payment to the contractor, what are some bases, and related tricky issues, Jim Davidson, starting at 21:56. 

As usual, Nancy hosts this discussion designed to provide a high level overview of the subjects. 

We've tried something a bit different this time around by splitting the topic of this Condo Crunch into two parts. This is part one of our discussion about construction issues. In this episode:


1. Jim talks about tendering construction contracts, an introduction and overall summary of the subject at 1:46

2. David then talks about some key provisions to be mindful of in CCDCs: 16:57

3. Christy finishes things off this time with a discussion on indemnification and insurance provisions: 33:41


Make sure to follow our social feeds and website for more info about Part II! You can register for the live session that is happening on October 29 here

This is a recording of our summer Q&A session that occurred on August 20, 2021. Here's a summary of the topics discussed and applicable time stamps

  1. Jim Davidson - reserve funds/investments: 1:58 
  2. Jessica Weick - liens/condo amalgamation/alterations to common elements: 9:20
  3. Emily Deng - directors: 15:28
  4. Mohiminol Khandaker - Enforcement: 21:10
  5. Cheryll Wood - Meetings: 31: 02
  6. Victoria Craine - Insurance: 40:51
  7. David Lu - by-laws/rules: 49:01

Another Q&A session is coming in the Fall! Condo Crunch sessions are also upcoming. 

This is a recording of a condo crunch that happened on June 24, 2021. In this latest edition, Jessica, Jim, and Melinda get together to talk about changes to a condominium's governing documents and when perhaps an amendment is necessary

1. Jessica talks about changes to declarations at 2:58

2. Jim talks about changes to a corporation's by-laws at 8:28 

3.Melinda talks about changes to rules and policies 22:54

As for Jim's slides, those can be found here

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