Our firm's most recently minted lawyer, Mo Khandaker, speaks with David about some latest developments on COVID-19 issues at condominiums. Mo is one of our resident experts on COVID-19 related condo issues. The two predominant topics are: what to do with amenities and dealing with owners meetings. 

You can find more info on Mo here: https://davidsoncondolaw.ca/lawyers/mohiminol-khandaker/ 

In this first "regular" episode of Condopedia, David has a conversation with partner Jim Davidson on the history of Condo Law in Ontario. What were some of the major changes? What was the logic behind the existence of condominiums in the first place? Why condominiums have grown so much in recent years? We talk about all of that. Plus a story from Jim about an event involving a police officer and a battering ram on condominium premises. 

You can find more info about Jim here: https://davidsoncondolaw.ca/lawyers/jim-davidson/ 


In our latest episode, we provide some practical tips on conducting virtual owner's meetings while physical distancing restrictions remain in effect. We review two options that are currently top of mind: one - using GetQuorum and Zoom together, two - just using Zoom. Near the end of the episode, we also answer a question about whether it is now okay for owners to be doing renovation/construction work at their units. 

Lastly, this episode is available on Youtube as a video as we shared some tips through share screen, so be sure to check that out as well!

All content is for information purposes only and is not legal advice or opinion.

Our firm conducted an earlier Q&A session on Covid-19 and Condominiums on March 27, 2020. Again, all of our lawyers spoke and Nancy kept us all in check. A broad outline of the episode is as follows: 

  1. Introductory remarks by Jim, overall theme and issues to consider during this time - 3:01
  2. Financial issues: what should the Board do with requests for condo/parking fee deferments? - Cheryll at 13:53
  3. Status Certificates: Should there be a "blanket" statement included on them? - Cheryll at 17:57
  4. Deliveries: What should the condominium do about deliveries? - Victoria at 22:05
  5. Quarantine and Self Isolation: Can a condominium police mandated self-isolation? - Christy at 25:32
  6. Volunteers: What should condominiums do with volunteer initiatives during this time? - David at 36:15 
  7. Reporting and Communicating: Should a board notify residents if there is a positive case in the building? - Emily at 43:41
  8. Maintenance and Repair: Should annual fire inspections be conducted during this time? - Melinda at 47:42
  9. Guests: should they be allowed in condo buildings? - Mo at 55:55

Q&A specific questions

  1. What should the protocol be should there be a fire emergency required during the Covid-19 situation? - 1:00:39
  2. Would real estate agents be considered an essential service? - 1:02:38
  3. What about move-ins and move-outs? - 1:03:35
  4. Is perimeter fencing considered essential work? - 1:05:43

All content is for information purposes only and is not legal advice or opinion.

In this episode, we talk about COVID-19 issues at Condominiums. Hear from all of our lawyers on a wide variety of questions. Nancy keeps us all in check as the chairperson. 

For specific sections, please see below:

  1. Maintenance and Landscaping - Melinda at 5:58,
  2. Contracts and payments - Jessica at 16:09,
  3. Renovations, common elements - Emily at 22:07, 
  4. Renovations, units - Victoria at 27:32,
  5. Limits on disclosure of medical information - David at 32:37,
  6. Electronic meetings - Jim at 37:46,
  7. Closure/removal of amenities - Mo at 47:00,
  8. Status Certificates - Cheryll at 51:43,
  9. Enforcement issues - Christy at 56:20

All content is for information purposes only and is not legal advice or opinion.


In this very first introductory episode, your host David provides an overview of what this podcast is all about, delves very briefly into what Condominium Law is, and briefly mentions some fun stories that will be shared in future episodes. 

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